Your Pets’ custom paintings

Rabinky Art, LLC creates unique pets’ custom paintings. So have an exclusive artwork of your furry little or not so little friend forever!

Maine Coon pet portrait

Maine Coon Cat
Photo portrait of Maine Coon Cat

This photo was used as a reference to create the Mane Coon Cat painting.

Your pet is unique. Not just special – a treasured family member. Fortunately, pets’ custom paintings capture this.

For most of us, our pets go beyond animals we keep in our homes. Therefore, we honor them with pet portraits. Consequently, they are our emotional support. Also, they are our companions. And, for many of us, they are indeed our best friends.

We give our pets luxury toys and bedding. Additionally, only the best foods will do. They get plenty of attention and exercise. And, in return, our pets love us, support us, and are always there for us in our time of need to bring a smile or a comfortable snuggle or hug. So, why not honor them with pets’ custom paintings?

Custom pet portraits

We do everything for our pets. Consequently, they treat us with the same love and devotion in return. Therefore, you should commemorate the absolute best parts of your pet with commissioned pet custom paintings.

Custom artwork by artist Maria Rabinky captures your pet’s essence and spirit in a way that a photograph never can. Instead, the artist uses a reference picture to create customized pet portraits perfect for framing and displaying in your home – long after snapshots have faded in her timeless artwork.

Creating pets’ custom paintings

To create your pets’ custom paintings, the artist starts with a simple picture you provide. Then, she uses digital sketching techniques to create the outline for the pet portraits. Finally, as she sketches and then paints, the artist captures the emotion and spirit of your animal.

Throughout, as the pets’ custom paintings continue, the artist includes color and texture, bringing your pet to life through digital art.

Best of all, you can order and watch the entire creation of your pets’ custom paintings. Fortunately, the artist records the whole artistic process digitally, so you can see how the project begins, how it progresses, and how your special pet is brought to life in a timeless, classic way through pet portraits.

Erica pet portrait

Dog painted portrait
Dog Erica's painted portrait

This photo was used as a reference to create Erica’s portrait painting.

Hand-Painted Your Pets’ Portraits for our Clients.

Imagine having a hand-painted portrait of your sweet and loving furry companion! As humans’ best friends and family members, every cat and dog have a right to be portrayed in a beautiful custom pet portrait which can take place in a family room wall.

Maria Rabinky is a professional artist who works in digital techniques to provide you with a beautiful digital image that you can take to a professional printer and have it printed and framed at your convenience!

Dog's custom hand-painted portrait
The Aiden's custom hand-painted portrait

This photo was used as a reference to create Aiden’s portrait painting.

Custom digital painting portrait pricing

Our professional pet portrait prices ranging from $500 to $5,000 per pet, depending on the size and complexity of the painting. You will receive a high-resolution digital file as the final artwork. Also, you may have a step-by-step video of the painting process on demand.

Creating "Illustrate Your Pets" Logo:

Pet Illustration
Pet Cat and Dog Logo for Illustrate Your Pets

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